Library Day

January 7, 2010 at 5:59 pm (endometriosis diet, Living in Belfast, PhD)

I am having so much trouble getting re-registered for uni, I am getting pushed from department to department but I am pretty hopeful that I made some progress today. I am usually quite patient about things like that but with my first deadline looming it is frustrating not having full library access etc.

I was also really naughty today and didn’t prepare a lunch to take with me and I ended up eating gluten free cakes and crisps, it is hardly the low sugar, high fibre endo diet I am supposed to be on, but tomorrow is another day and I am going to have a Spinach and Cauliflower bhaji for dinner – yummmm! Since I have lost nearly a stone in the last 3 weeks I guess I can cheat once in a while.

Also, being round university amuses me, I had a fortuitous juxtaposition of social commentaries that made me think for a while. First of all I saw this in a phone box…

Then I read this:

If you explain to a pauper that his property rights are the same as a millionaire, he will probably accuse you of quibbling. Similarly, the right to freedom of speech has little real substance if, from the lack of education, you have nothing to say that is worth saying, and no means of making yourself heard if you say it.

T.H. Marshall


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Oh my goodness, it has been nearly a year!

January 5, 2010 at 10:46 pm (Adoption, Endometriosis, Living in Belfast, PhD)

Maybe it was the snow that made me think about blogging again, maybe it was the fact that I have just re-registered for uni and I need to get used to writing again, maybe it is the fact that we might not be in Belfast much longer and I should enjoy it and comment on it for as long as I have the chance before I resign myself to suburban stagnancy (of course this depends on whether anyone buys our house).

So today, I went back to uni for the first time in about a year and a half, I took temporary withdrawal after a series of disastrous events rendered me incapable of coherent thought, but I’ve taken the plunge and I am going to make every attempt to finish this blasted PhD. It is pretty scary, I can hardly remember what I am studying, but I have a tight deadline for the 15th to get my butt in gear and clarify my aims, research questions, theoretical framework and methodology.  I feel that the time I have spent away from it has helped me realize what I really want to explore and and focus on without being too distracted with what I find interesting, I guess it has helped me streamline my thought process.

My first day back was pretty disastrous in terms of getting things sorted, hopefully tomorrow will be better. I often feel that bureaucracy is out to get me, I am not a systems type of person, I just want things done!  In that respect I feel like being a research student is an apprenticeship on how to follow the system, just what I need to learn, hey if you learn the system you can learn to subvert it! It was also pretty disastrous in making me feel ancient, as I was a good 10 years older than anyone else in the library. On the upside there weren’t too many massive sports bags to climb over – what is it with Q’s students and their massive GAA bags?

So this year is going to be a fun, busy one! Things I want to achieve this year include selling our house for a decent price, keep on track with uni,  start the adoption process, keep on my endometriosis diet (which will hopefully help me a lose a bit more weight as well as keep some of my pain away).

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February 5, 2009 at 12:54 pm (Living in Belfast) (, )

Snow is so pretty, but as soon as it hits the ground outside my house it turns into brown and grey slush as it mixes with the grit and salt on the road. Whatever happened to the winter wonderlands we are taught to expect through films, christmas cards and snow globes? Maybe it is city snow that just can’t live up to it’s pastoral counterpart?belfast snow
 Samson and Goliath in the snow just aren’t the same as seeing snow drops and crocuses fighting their way through the elements. I love living in the city, but sometimes the scenery just can’t cut it.

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New Blog, New Year, New Me?

February 3, 2009 at 11:12 am (Living in Belfast)

So much has changed since I last blogged, I feel like a new woman. That is not necessarily a bad thing. My previous blog, which has now been relegated to the great blogbin in the sky, was full of the pain of infertility and my anger at the world, however, I really want this blog to reflect how I see the world now. We live in a crazy world that is full of wonderful and incredible people and things, stuff to make you laugh or gasp in wonder or even stuff you find mildly amusing.

One of the things I find mildly amusing is the content of scribbling on walls around the city in which I live. It is this that has inspired the name of this blog, Belfast people tend to write their history on the walls, whether through murals, graffiti or ‘public service announcements’. I am not so interested in the murals, if you want to see those you can go on a black taxi tour of west belfast, what is really fascinating are the badly spelled, white paint splotched etchings that proclaim political affiliations, who loves whom and who in the neighbourhood is up to no good.

So my scribblings aim to include these scribblings along with other things I find mildly amusing or at least interesting.

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